Ice climbing

The ephemeral world of crystal and the sparkling frozen flows of the Ypsilon, Jolanda, Nicchia, Lys Balma waterfalls, or the Champa waterfall in Gressoney are absolute musts in winter.

Climbing the waterfalls of the Lys valley will be the master test for your summer above the 4000 meters of Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc.

And even if ice climbing might seem like a daunting undertaking, you have our word that it is an engaging experience without overdoing it, because it can cause addiction



Waterfall introduction (min 4 people) € 80,00 pp

Basic waterfall € 360,00 pp

Difficult waterfall € 420,00 pp

The price includes:

mountain guide, harness, technical ice axes, helmet and crampons

Other details

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