Group tours are homogeneous groups of mountaineers who come together to reduce the costs; the group tour has a fixed price and the maximum number of participants is 5.

Groups to Capanna Margherita program

All the tours, on both sides, depart from Salati pass.

They are therefore accessible to both mountaineers who climb from Gressoney and Alagna side.

If you are alone and want to participate in a collective group to obtain a lower price of the private tour, please answer the following questions:

  • age
  • do you do  4/5 hour trips uphill?
  • have you already been above 4000 m? if yes, have you had any altitude sickness problems?
  • do you regularly do trekking?
  • is there anything you want to add?

How would you define your training:

  1. I do a daily walk or run
  2. I do occasional walks and hikes
  3. Every weekend I do trekking of about 2 or 3 hours or more
  4. I often go hiking on glaciers

Individuals participating in a collective group must be aware on the fact that a roped hike is a homogeneous group of people (max 5) who depend on each other and therefore it is necessary to adapt to the rythm of the weakest and if one of the participants do not feel well, everyone will turn back

group hikes program

Capanna Margherita (2 days)
Overnight Mantova/Gnifetti

Capanna Margherita: sleeping at 4554 mt (3 days)
Overnight Mantova/Gnifetti & Capanna Margherita

Group Hike: Full Immersion 4000

Group Hike: Castore