Freeride Training Course

No groomed trails, no tamed white pistes, only the intact ecosystem of the mountain and most importantly, off the beaten track


4 days out in the fantastic environment of proper snow.

First, we’ll take you to ski on gentle slopes and slowly move you on to more challenging terrain, with the aim of teaching you how to ski in the safest way possible, showing you firsthand how an optimal choice of itinerary can marginalize the quality of the snow. We will go into depth with regards to the fundamental theme of the organization of the trip, of self-rescue and we will read up on the suitable equipment.



Individual participation fee €280 for groups of minimum 5 and maximum 6 participants

The price includes:

4 days of the course

The fee does not include: ski lift rides and half board stay in a refuge

Other details

Get inspired:


Sci fuoripista

Gressoney e Alagna sono leggenda nella testa dei rider, che vivono lo sci come esperienza fuori dal bianco addomesticato. La stazione

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