Mantova and Gnifetti Lodges

Alpinism attracts you but you don’t know what to expect?
Allow us to guide you on your first experience in thin air.


Every Friday we organise ascents to Monte Rosa’s high-altitude refuges above 3000mt. You will learn how to use crampons and how to walk on snow, understand what it means to do roped walking, the necessary techniques and how to tie basic knots. These hikes are designed for those who would like a soft start to high altitude hiking.

Departure: 8:00 am from Staffal
Rientro: about 3:00 p.m

Refuge Cittá di Mantova (3498 m) is situated at the foot of the glacier and descends directly from the hill Colle del Lys with departures from the ski lift station at P.ta Indren

Refuge Gnifetti (3647m) is situated on the Garstelet glacier with departures from the ski lift station at P.ta Indren


Difficulty: Easy (suitable for children aged over 8)
Time: about 1,5 hours ascent + 1 with a max difference in height of about 350 meters

  • layers of clothing for the upper body (thermal shirt, heavy fleece, windproof jacket)
  • gloves (soft and ski ones)
  • sunglasses (with 3 or 4 protection)
  • heavy trousers (windproof)
  • rigid, waterproof boots.
  • ski socks
  • hat that covers your ears
  • sun screen & lip balm
  • telescopic poles
  • 1lt water bottle/thermos
  • harness & crampons


Price per person – contact us
with 4 memebers  €
with 5 memebers €
with 6 memebers €

The price includes:

a UIAGM guide for the day, necessary equipment, ski lift

Other details

Mountaineering is a dangerous activity by nature, the Monte Rosa guides, all UIAGM certified, will always do everything possible to minimize the dangers but the risk can never be eliminated, this must be accepted before registering for the our activities.

The Monte Rosa Guides will always do their best to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself and ensure you have the best possible experience; however you must agree to rely on their unquestionable judgment while you are in the mountains and to respect any decision they make, including the return, if it is deemed necessary. Being adequately prepared and having a minimum standard of fitness is necessary to maintain an adequate margin of safety in our activities. If, due to your physical condition or for any other reason, your guide decides that you are not ready for the activity you have chosen, you will be offered alternatives adapted to your level of preparation.