Gressoney La Trinité (Monterosaski) LIFTS RATES

For all the lifts not included in the tourist package, the cost is charged to the customer.
All our Alpine Guides, on the other hand, have a ski pass and therefore do not need a ticket.
To find out the rates of the various routes, please check the information on the official web page of Monterosa Ski, manager of the ski lifts:


The cost of half board in the refuge of the customers and the Guide is at the complete expense of the customers when it is not specified in the tourist package.

In case of more participants, the Alpine Guide’s half-board rate will be divided among the various participants.
To find out the rates of the various refuges, please refer to the information on their official web pages

Città di Mantova

Capanna Gnifetti

Capanna Regina Margherita

Quintino Sella


In planning their activities, our guides use the following specialized weather sites:

– 3B meteo
– Bollettino neve e valanghe Valle d’Aosta
– (also for Monte Bianco)
– (during winter)