Pyramid Vincent (4215 m) and the statue Cristo delle Vette (4161 m) 

Pyramid Vincent (4000m) was climbed by the mining engineer Jean-Nicolas Vincent for the first time way back in 1819, and from whom the peak takes its name, can be reached with an easy hike on the Lys glacier.
The Pyramid Vincent dominates the three Italian valleys of Monte Rosa: Val Sesia, Valle del Lys and Val d’Ayas and the view extends from Mont Blanc to the Maritime Alps.
The statue Cristo delle Vette in Balmenhorn (4161 m) is an imposing piece of artwork by the Turin sculptor Alfredo Bai, a partisan during the Second World War, who wanted the statue of Christ the Redeemer as a votive offering for having returned alive from the war


07.30 a.m.: meeting with your guide at the ticket office at the Staffal ski lift which you will take to reach Punta Indren (3260m). The climb up the Lys glacier is roped until you get to the peaks of Pyramid Vincent (4215 mt) and on your return trip you will make a pitstop at the statue Cristo delle Vette (4161 mt). To reach the foot of the statue, you must do a short climb up a bolted rock wall.

The first part of the itinerary is the same as that for Refuge Regina Margherita.

Difficulty: F+ easy hike on the glacier as well as a short tract of bolted rock wall to reach the statue Cristo delle Vette
Climbing time: 3 hours and a half/ 4 hours
Elevation uphill:  950mt 

  • layers of clothing for the upper body (thermal shirt, heavy fleece, windproof jacket.)
  • gloves (soft and ski ones)
  • sunglasses (with 3 or 4 protection)
  • heavy trousers (windproof)
  • rigid, waterproof boots.
  • ski socks
  • hat that covers your ears
  • sun screen & lip balm
  • telescopic poles
  • 1lt water bottle/thermos
  • harness & crampons


Privat / Group Hike – cost of  the guide:
1 alpinist 450€
2 alpinists 225€/a testa
3 alpinists 150€/a testa
4 alpinists 120€/a testa
5 alpinists 100€/a testa


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Anyone participating in a collective group agrees that a roped climb is a non-homogeneous group of people (max 5) who depend on each other and therefore it is necessary to adapt to the rhythm of the weakest  and to all go back, in case one of the participants feels unwell

The price includes:

a guide, rental of technical equipment: harness and crampons

The price DOES NOT include:
the ski lifts


Other details

Mountaineering is a dangerous activity by nature, the Monte Rosa guides, all UIAGM certified, undertake to do everything possible to minimize the dangers but the risk can never be eliminated and must be accepted before registering for the our activities.

The Monte Rosa Guides will always do their best to help you achieve your goals and ensure you have the best possible experience; however you must agree to rely on their unquestionable judgment while you are in the mountains and to respect any decision they make, including the return, if it is deemed necessary. Being adequately prepared and having a minimum standard of fitness is necessary to maintain an adequate margin of safety in our activities. If, due to your physical condition or for any other reason, your guide decides that you are not ready for the activity you have chosen, you will be offered alternatives adapted to your level of preparation.